Friday, January 25, 2008

Wake Up Sir, Its Time For Your Tasing

This article describes a law suit resulting from a police tasing. The facts alleged in the suit are as follows. The police busted into his own home, found him sleeping on his own couch, and assuming he was armed, and an immidiate threat because he was snoring, they zaped him. This man managed to identify himself as the lawfull resident of the dwelling and the cops decided he needed to be tazed a couple more times to be sure. They then draged him down to the station locked him up and slandered him in public.

My favorite parts of the article are where its stuck in at the end that he was not charged with possession of pot by the cops who brutalized him. They had enough legal sense to determine it was discovered in an illegal search. My other favorite part is where the police chief explains to us that if the cops don't have tazers they would have to peperspray and beat us when they bust into homes and assault the peacefull, lawfull residents of the home. George Washington shot people over this kind of shit.

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