Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cleveland, OH; Terrible American City, Or The Worst American City?

More Infrastructure problems:
In Cleveland when it rains more than an inch every 3 hours, the water drainage runs over into the sewer pipes which back up. In some places this means other peoples shit in your bathtub. In other neighborhoods, giant shit-eating cockroaches come up into your house, squeezing from the pipes.

The desperate economic situation has devistated entrepreneurialism throughout the city, and even most major corporations don't risk setting up shop in large sections of town. For those that live here it means one will have to drive a half hour to satisfy any comercial needs. If one wishes to go grocery shopping, to buy a replacement headlight because hooligans had smashed it in, or if one needs to go to the hardware store to purchase roach traps for the giant shit-roaches that regularly infest ones home, one must commit to at least an hour of driving for each of those needs.

For a visual example of what I am talking about, do a Google Maps search for a number of basic needs or corporate name brand stores you recognise and you will notice a huge section of town that is always devoid of virtual push-pins.

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