Thursday, January 03, 2008


Ron_Paul is being excluded from the Republican presidential debate hosted by Fox. When political commentators are asked to justify this they claim Ron Paul is not electable. What makes a candidate electable? Money? Polling numbers? Or is it that these commentators have decided as a group, that average Americans wont flock to their brand?

Personally I think these political commentators should be asked to justify their existance. Not just once, but every time they offer their opinion on anything. Because their opinions are so frequently wrong. I am not talking about a particular commentator, but all of them because they all live in the same close circle of group thinkers, they have no idea what normal people outside the beltway think.

Case in point, todays Iowa caucus results. On the Democratic side John Edwards came in second, but the media play that off as a razor thin margin and call it a tie for second. They all act as if they intend to continue to ignore Edwards as a candidate.

An amusing trend to arise from the Iowa caucus is that Hillary Clinton was described as unelectable by people that would have voted for her otherwise. They don't think that she can carry a national election, so she is having a tough time carrying the democratic primarys.

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