Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Walk of Shame: Fight the Power

When the Chinese government was putting on a carefully orchistrated dog and pony show to the western media to try and convince us that all is well in Tibet, some brave monks busted in and began pleading with the assembled members of the press, not to believe the crap being fed to them. Aparently this was not so carefully orchistrated after all. The shame is on the Chinese for trying such an old trick.

I want to contrast this to Bjork, who recently ended a concert of hers in China with a call to free Tibet. This was entirely selfish. Her chanting to the audience will have no effect on whether Tibet will gain any sembelance of independence. There was not some person in that audience that will rise up and liberate the downtroden because of a subversive message whispered at the end of a concert. All Bjork did was mark everyone in the audience as a suspect. She got to leave China but now her fans may have to endure scrutiny as suspicious persons because of her self-indulgent outburst.

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TheRedKap said...

If Bjork really cared about Tibet and had moral qualms about playing a show to a Chinese audience, she should not have gone to China to play a show. By waiting until the end of the concert, Bjork was trying to have her cake and eat it too, get the pile of money from the concert, sing her set, and then at the end of the set, whisper something about free tibet that is good for publicity at home amongst those who say they are all for a Free Tibet but can't be bothered with getting together and marching. *rage*