Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cleveland Ohio: Terrible American City or the Worst American City?

I have often focused on how government failures contribute to Cleveland being a horrible place to live but I have overlooked how the awful people that live here do their own part every day to contribute to the horrid torments of this city.

Yesterday I saw two things that I never expected to see in my life, let alone in America. In the middle of the afternoon on a Monday I saw two school buses traveling down the road, packed full of kids, on fire. The kids weren't on fire the busses were. Well, now that I think of it the kids could have been on fire. I could not see inside the buses through the heavy, ten story tall, cloud of smoke shrouding the busses. I was stuck behind these busses for some time and they made no effor to pull over and remove the chidren from danger, or to put the fires out.

The second horrendus thing I saw yesterday: A person, I could not tell what gender, tossed a cat off an overpass into rush hour traffic on I-71.

In Cleveland, the housing market crash has mixed with joblessness to get the recession started off soon. This economic catastrophy has turned the desperation of poverty into a criminal desperation. In a city like Cleveland where the criminal population is a demographic measured by the census this increase once again causes Cleveland to win the trophy, the catastrophy. Copper pipe theft is a trade in Cleveland, one that a young boy can apprentice in with some of the more enterprizing members of the community. In the county which has been hardest hit by foreclosures there are many vacant houses lying about. Within hours of a house becoming unoccupied it is stripped of its metal siding, copper piping, appliances, and even the wire is ripped out of the house. Next, vagrants and drug dealers move in using these vacant buildings as their office so they don't have to ply their dangerous trade door to door. Eventually all the windows are broken out and ultimately the house will either be burned down or will become someone's urban tomb.

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