Monday, September 01, 2008

The Walk of Shame; Only 115 Shopping Days Left

Today is Labor Day, the Sunday night of all summer. Its still warm out but kids are back in school and the leaves will soon start to turn. That doesn't stop main street from thinking about the big sales figures it draws in for the Christmas season. Especially given the struggling U.S. economy. All summer long they groan in board rooms about slagging sales and strain their little MBA minds to come up with something original and every year the answer is to try to make the holiday season as long as possible.

This is all shit you have heard before. I am just here to vent my rage at seeing Halloween advertisements and sales on fucking Labor Day. All year long I wonder to my self why I have an irrational hatred for corporations despite being "libertarian" and then this shit happens and my rage boils up and I don't have a memory problem any more.

Look at that shit! Discount Halloween candy? That shit won't make it till the end of the month even if you don't eat it. But who fucking cares about that, you are giving it to other peoples kids. Why should you bother to have candy that isn't filled with moth larva after sitting in your kitchen for two months?

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