Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Fall After a Tazering

A Boston man was standing on a fire escape and shouting at people. The cops were summoned and he swung a light bulb at the cops. This article quickly frames the issue in the usual way, that tasers are a substitute for lethal force and so save lives. The obvious question in so many of these cases is whether lethal force was even called for. We weren't there so it is unlikely we will ever know. However, so many of these cases raise the question that they lead to the assumption that these useful devices are not being used exclusively as a substitute for lethal force, or are even diminishing the use of lethal force, but instead are being used as an excuse to use violence since it is more expedient than taking the time to deal with the mentally disturbed.

9/26/8 update: Another article with more information from the victim's mother and a second cell phone video. Also, this article has some details of the guidelines for taser use by NYPD.

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