Thursday, February 21, 2008


Why would we blow up our own satelite that we had put in orbit recently?
Why would the military deny they were blowing up a spy satelite to protect its secrets?
Why hasn't anyone mentioned Missile Defense until the exercise was over?

In deference to the prior post about not being conspiracy minded I want to say that I believe that the military has our best interest at heart with everything they do. Every soldier I have ever known has an intense sense of duty to American civilians, the American people, and to America itself.

Perhaps I am too cynical but these were all thoughts I had within 30 seconds of hearing the first news blurb on the malfunction of the satelite. I just think this kind of situation generates wild speculation from the people and requires acknowledgement of the most obvious assumptions and honest discussion from a legitimate representative of the military. That would at least begin building a trust among the more cynical American citizens like myself.
Now for a serious question; how many of our tax dollars were waisted in this fiasco?

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